Development process

  • Set up your development environment with your favorite IDE or editor, your favorite frameworks, and the tools you need to work with your preferred language.

  • Define the data structures you want to use in your service. These data structures, messages in your API description, represent the request and response of API calls and are used to define the data structure of the data you want to persist (also known as state).

  • Define the gRPC services and RPC methods that describe the interaction your clients will have with your service.

  • Use the code generation tools to generate the service. The Kalix Software Development Kits (SDKs) for JavaScript and TypeScript and Java and Scala have specialized code generation tools that create the appropriate project structure for a service and support you through development.

  • Code your business logic.

  • Test your service so that you’re confident it works as expected.

  • Package your services in container images. After packaging, publish the container images to a registry. To deploy, Kalix must be able to access the registry containing your images.

  • Set up your Kalix project using the Console or the kalix CLI. You can deploy multiple container images to one project.