Upgrading to a paid plan

In order to set up a paid plan, please Contact Lightbend.

You will be required to provide:

  • The name of the organization

  • A billing address

  • An email address for billing correspondence

  • A phone number

  • The userid for the administrator account

    • This userid must already exist in the Kalix system

Billing models

Please see the Kalix Pricing page for more details on the billing models for the paid plans, their features and pricing.

Project migration

Note that your trial project will not move over to the paid plan. It will remain a trial project. This means that none of the data you have in the trial project will come over into a paid project.

Any services you’ve defined in your trial project can, however be used in your paid project and deployed there. They will start with fresh data.

Managing your organization

You will need to manage your organization members and the organization projects. See the documentation for starting with a paid plan for general information on that.