Interface EventSourcedResult<R>

Type Parameters:
R - The type of reply that is expected from invoking a command handler

public interface EventSourcedResult<R>
Represents the result of an EventSourcedEntity handling a command when run in through the testkit.

Not for user extension, returned by the testkit.

  • Method Details

    • isReply

      boolean isReply()
      true if the call had an effect with a reply, false if not
    • getReply

      R getReply()
      The reply object from the handler if there was one. If the call had an effect without any reply an exception is thrown
    • isForward

      boolean isForward()
      true if the call was forwarded, false if not
    • getForward

      DeferredCallDetails<?,R> getForward()
      An object with details about the forward. If the result was not a forward an exception is thrown
    • isError

      boolean isError()
      true if the call was an error, false if not
    • getError

      String getError()
      The error description. If the result was not an error an exception is thrown
    • getErrorStatusCode

      io.grpc.Status.Code getErrorStatusCode()
      The error status code or throws if the effect returned by the action was not an error.
    • getUpdatedState

      Object getUpdatedState()
      The updated state. If the state was not updated (no events emitted) an exeption is thrown
    • didEmitEvents

      boolean didEmitEvents()
    • getAllEvents

      List<Object> getAllEvents()
      All the events that were emitted by handling this command.
    • getNextEventOfType

      <E> E getNextEventOfType(Class<E> expectedClass)
      Look at the next event and verify that it is of type E or fail if not or if there is no next event. If successful this consumes the event, so that the next call to this method looks at the next event from here.
      The next event if it is of type E, for additional assertions.
    • getSideEffects

      List<DeferredCallDetails<?,?>> getSideEffects()
      The list of side effects