Interface ActionContext

All Superinterfaces:
Context, MetadataContext

public interface ActionContext extends MetadataContext
Context for action calls.
  • Method Details

    • metadata

      Metadata metadata()
      Get the metadata associated with this call.

      Note, this only returns call level associated metadata. For unary calls, this will be the same as the message metadata, but for streamed calls, it will contain metadata associated with the whole stream, so for example if this was a gRPC call, it will contain the HTTP headers for that gRPC call.

      Specified by:
      metadata in interface MetadataContext
      The call level metadata.
    • eventSubject

      Optional<String> eventSubject()
      The origin subject of the CloudEvent. For example, the entity key when the event was emitted from an entity.
    • getGrpcClient

      <T> T getGrpcClient(Class<T> clientClass, String service)
      Get an Akka gRPC client for the given service name. The same client instance is shared across components in the application. The lifecycle of the client is managed by the SDK and it should not be stopped by user code.
      Type Parameters:
      T - The "service" interface generated for the service by Akka gRPC
      clientClass - The class of a gRPC service generated by Akka gRPC
      service - The name of the service to connect to, either a name of another Kalix service or an external service where connection details are configured under `akka.grpc.client.[service-name]` in `application.conf`.