Package kalix.javasdk.annotations

package kalix.javasdk.annotations
  • Class
    Defines ACL configuration for a resource.
    A principal matcher that can be used in an ACL.
    This enum contains principal matchers that don't have any configuration, such as a name, associated with them, for ease of reference in annotations.
    Deprecated since v1.3.0.
    Deprecated since v1.3.0.
    Annotation for marking a method under EventSourced entities as handlers for events of such entity.
    Header names to ask the proxy to forward from the request as metadata to the component calls
    Deprecated since v1.3.0.
    Indicates that Kalix should generate an id when this method is invoked.
    Assign an identifier to an entity or workflow instance.
    A static claim is a claim that is required to be present on the token, and have a particular value.
    Annotation for aggregating ways of publishing outgoing information.
    Annotation to configure the component to publish an event stream to other Kalix services.
    Annotation for marking a method as producing information to be published on a PubSub or Kafka topic.
    Annotation used in the scope of a view for providing the query that will be used to explore data from that view.
    Annotation for providing ways to subscribe to different streams of information: value entities, event-sourced entities or topic.
    Annotation for subscribing to updates from an Event-sourced Entity.
    Annotation for subscribing to messages from another Kalix service.
    Annotation for subscribing to messages from a topic (i.e PubSub or Kafka topic).
    Annotation for subscribing to updates from a Value Entity.
    Annotation for providing a table name for View-type Kalix components.
    This annotation is used to mark a method as a hook that will be triggered automatically uppon certain events.
    The on startup hook is called every time a service instance boots up.
    Assign a type identifier to an entity or workflow.
    Annotation to assign a logical type name to events.