All Kalix projects are deployed to a particular region. Regions are related to the backend infrastructure used by Kalix to support the project. They:

  • are associated with a particular cloud provider (e.g. GCP, AWS)

  • exist in a particular geographic region (e.g. Europe, North America)

  • may have particular performance characteristics

They can also provide a degree of isolation. Dedicated plans provide an isolated region for example.

For organizations

When an organization is created for a paid plan, it is associated with one or more regions. One of these regions must be specified when creating a new project for the organization.

For example, assume that the myorg organization has been granted access to the aws-us-east-2 region. The following command would create a new project for that organization, in that region:

kalix project new myproject --organization myorg --region aws-us-east-2

If you don’t remember what regions the organization has access to, there are two choices. If you don’t provide the --region flag to the project new command, the error will inform you of the available regions. For example:

$ kalix project new myproject --organization myorg

--region is a required flag. The following regions are available: [aws-us-east-2]

You can also inquire more directly with the regions command. For example:

$ kalix regions list --organization myorg
aws-us-east-2   db805ff5-4fbd-4442-ab56-6e6a9a3c200a

If you forget to add both the --organization and --region flags to the project new command, you’ll get a list of regions available for a trial project.

If you then specify this region without including the --organization flag, you’ll be creating a trial project, not one within your organization.

If you try to use this region when also including the --organization flag, the command will fail as your organization won’t have access to the region intended for trial projects.