All Kalix projects are deployed to a particular region. Regions are related to the backend infrastructure used by Kalix to support the project. They:

  • are associated with a particular cloud provider (e.g. GCP, AWS)

  • exist in a particular geographic region (e.g. Europe, North America)

  • may have particular performance characteristics

They can also provide a degree of isolation. Dedicated plans provide an isolated region for example.

For organizations

When an organization is created, it is associated with one or more regions. One of these regions must be specified when creating a new project for the organization.

For example, assume that the myorg organization has been granted access to the aws-us-east-2 region. The following command would create a new project for that organization, in that region:

kalix project new myproject --organization myorg --region aws-us-east-2

If you don’t remember what regions the organization has access to, there are two choices. If you don’t provide the --region flag to the project new command, the error will inform you of the available regions. For example:

$ kalix project new myproject --organization myorg

--region is a required flag. The following regions are available: [aws-us-east-2]

You can also inquire more directly with the regions command. For example:

$ kalix regions list --organization myorg
aws-us-east-2   db805ff5-4fbd-4442-ab56-6e6a9a3c200a