A Kalix organization is the owner of projects where services are deployed.

An organization can be available in different regions. Projects created in the organization will be located in one of these regions.

A user can be a member of one or more organizations; being a member does not automatically give the user access to the projects owned by the organization.

Membership in an organization and access to its projects are controlled using role bindings.

Billing data is collected and paid for per organization.


  • An Organization Administrator is created that can add or invite other users to the organization with various roles.

  • A project is owned by one Organization.

  • A user can be a member of any number of organizations. Users must ensure that any projects they create are associated with the correct organization.

  • An organization is associated with one or more Kalix regions. Projects created for the organization are assigned to one of these regions.


To determine which organizations the current user is a member of use the organizations list command. For example:

$ kalix organizations list
NAME        ID                                     ROLES
myorg       1a4a9d5d-1234-5678-910a-9c8fb3700da7   superuser

Note that you can refer to the organization in kalix commands using either the "friendly name" or the "ID." See the page on managing organization users to find more, including the use of organization roles.