Release Notes

July 2024

May 2024

Changed Kalix JVM SDK 1.5.0 release we change our license to Business Source License (BSL). This change allows the Kalix SDK to make use of the latest enhancements in Akka 2.9 and other Akka libraries. Furthermore, with this even the Kalix SDK is covered by Lightbend’s SOC2 compliance. Please refer to the Lightbend Legal terms page for details.

Feature New features include support for Scala 3 in the Scala Protobuf SDK and component to component tracing now available even for the Java SDK.

Changed A minor build migration is needed when updating to Kalix JVM SDK 1.5.0. See the migration guide here.

Deprecated Some deprecated APIs have been removed in Kalix JVM SDKs 1.5.0. Please refer to the migration guide here for more details.

Changed The license for Kalix JavaScript SDK has also been changed to Business Source License (BSL). This change is to align with the licensing of our other SDKs. Please refer to the Lightbend Legal terms page for details.

Feature Additional features in the Kalix CLI, including support for developing locally with kalix local run. The new kalix services views describe command shows detailed information about a Kalix View.

March 2024

Feature Kalix JVM SDKs 1.4.1 Support for tracing component and external calls and other various improvements.

February 2024

Feature Kalix JVM SDKs 1.4.0 Adds support for workflows in Java and Scala Protobuf SDKs, see here. Additionally, this version extends View component to support multiple queries to the same table.

Deprecated Deprecations introduced in Kalix JVM SDKs 1.4.0

Java and Scala Protobuf SDKs:

  • (kalix.field).entity_key is replaced with (kalix.field).id

  • (kalix.method).entity.key_generator is replaced with (kalix.method).id_generator.algorithm

  • (kalix.codegen).entity_type is replaced with (kalix.codegen).type_id

Old annotations are deprecated and will be removed in the next major release.

Java SDK:

  • class kalix.javasdk.workflow.Workflow.RecoverStrategy was moved to kalix.javasdk.workflow.AbstractWorkflow.RecoverStrategy, please update your code accordingly.

January 2024

Feature Kalix JVM SDKs 1.3.8 Adds support for on-startup hook in Java SDK, see here. Introduces ability to require multiple values for a JWT static claim and defining it with a regex pattern, see here. General fixes and improvements.

December 2023

Feature Kalix JVM SDKs 1.3.7 Fixes and improves the broken Maven Archetypes.

Feature Kalix JVM SDKs 1.3.6 Views' enhancements for when doing aggregations. Ability to declare an on-startup hook which will be triggered automatically on instance startup (currently available for Java/Scala Protobuf SDKs, see here). Support for JWT static claims (see docs).

Feature The kalix container-registry commands have been added to assist in managing your assets in the Kalix Container Registry.

Feature HTTP/1.1 support for kalix commands. The kalix CLI uses gRPC to communicate with many backend Kalix services, which requires HTTP/2. In some corporate environments, decrypting transparent proxies are used which don’t support HTTP/2, preventing the kalix CLI from working. This adds a new option to tell kalix to use grpc-web when communicating with backend services, which works over HTTP/1.1.

November 2023

Feature Kalix JVM SDKs 1.3.5 Support for JUnit 5. Fix regression introduced in v1.3.4 affecting the use of KalixClient and ComponentClient. General documentation improvements.

Feature kalix local command has been added to assist in running and managing Kalix services locally.

Feature Route validations can now be configured. Routes can be protected by HTTP Basic authentication, and, when using client certificates, client certificate subjects can be validated.

Feature Google Cloud logs and metrics exporters can now be configured. This replaces the old Stackdriver log aggregator support.

Feature Kalix JVM SDKs 1.3.4 Support for mocked Service-to-Service and View subscriptions in Integrations tests (make sure to update your current test kit configuration). New service-level JWT configuration that reduces boilerplate and allows for a deny-by-default policy.

September 2023

Feature Kalix JVM SDKs 1.3.3 Support for JSON Schema Evolution in Java SDK. Improvements in Workflows and TestKit Mocked Topic.

August 2023

Feature Splunk HEC CLI configuration support

Feature Kalix JavaScript/TypeScript SDK 1.1.0 Updated to Node 18 (Active LTS).

Feature Adds the ability to configure observability for a Kalix project via projects observability in the Kalix CLI.

July 2023

Feature Kalix JVM SDKs 1.3.2 Support ComponentClient in integration tests and some bug fixes.

Feature Allow users to set their own Kafka message broker with SASL authentication by using kalix project config set broker with arguments --broker-auth, --broker-bootstrap-servers, --broker-user, --broker-password-secret and --broker-password-secret. Deprecated the argument --broker-config-file.

Changed Kalix JVM SDKs 1.3.1 Kalix TestKit EventingSupport enum for PubSub renamed from EventingSupport.GOOGLE_PUBSUB_EMULATOR to EventingSupport.GOOGLE_PUBSUB.

June 2023

Feature Introduced the secrets create tls command in the Kalix CLI. Support to show exceptions in Kalix logs.

Feature Kalix JVM SDKs 1.3.0 ComponentClient for type-safe deferred calls creation. Also, deprecating existing KalixClient.

Feature Kalix JVM SDKs 1.3.0 TestKit Mocked Topics for easier integration tests with brokers (for Java SDK, see here).

Changed Kalix JVM SDKs 1.3.0 Default broker used in Integration Tests is no longer Google PubSub but can still be enabled via settings for each test.

Changed Kalix JVM SDKs 1.3.0 New annotations @Id, @TypeId and @GenerateId to replace @EntityKey, @EntityType and @GenerateEntityKey respectively. @EntityKey, @EntityType and @GenerateEntityKey are deprecated as of release Kalix Java SDK 1.3.0.

Feature Java and Java/Protobuf SDK new plugin goal (mvn kalix:runAll) allows the start of Kalix Proxy from within the Maven plugin.

Feature Scala/Protobuf SDK new plugin goal (sbt runAll) allows the start of Kalix Proxy from within the sbt plugin.

Feature Multi-service testing for Java, Java/Protobuf and Scala/Protobuf SDKs.

May 2023

Feature Allow users to set/update their own TLS certificate for the Ingress by using kalix routes create and kalix routes update with argument --server-certificate-secret (and --remove-server-certificate-secret for the update command).

Feature Show expired trial projects in CLI and Web UI.

April 2023

Feature Enable multi-platform proxy docker image build to improve developer experience for Mac users with Apple silicon processors.

Feature Allow users to set the description of a broker configuration by using kalix project config set broker with argument --description.

Feature Display the project’s region when using kalix projects list and kalix project get.

March 2023

Feature Allow users to configure autoscaling of a service using kalix service deploy with arguments --max-instances and --min-instances.

Feature New service commands kalix service apply and kalix service export to apply and export YAML descriptors for services.

Feature Second preview of Kalix Workflows.

Changed Improve CLI help for kalix routes create and kalix routes update

Changed Kalix JVM SDKs 1.2.0 Protocol-first Java/Scala SDKs are renamed to Java/Scala Protobuf SDKs and code-first Spring SDK is renamed to Java SDK. Users of Java/Protobuf SDK need to update the artifact name. See migration guide.

February 2023

Feature New Billing UI for Organizations

Feature First preview of Kalix Workflows.

Feature Improved auto restarting in dev mode.

Feature Kalix Java SDK 1.1.7 Fix allowing the use of Instant in Spring SDK views.

January 2023

Feature Kalix Java SDK 1.1.5 Several developer experience improvements.

December 2022

Feature Kalix Java SDK 1.1.4 Fix for Replicated Entities in the Scala SDK. Support advanced views in the Spring SDK.

Changed Performance improvements of View updates. Views can keep up with a higher event throughput.

Changed Performance improvements of timers. Can handle more short lived and more active timers. Also limits timer payload size and total number of accepted timers.

Changed Lower latency for from Event Sourced Entity, including Service to Service eventing.

Feature Kalix Java SDK 1.1.3 Support advanced views with join queries. Allow ignore as an async effect in Actions.

November 2022

Feature Delete handlers for Views and Actions.

Feature The Kalix Console now shows service statuses (such as "Paused").

Feature CLI command kalix projects rename to rename an existing Kalix project.

Feature The CLI command kalix services get now includes the status of the service.

Feature Kalix Java SDK 1.1.2 Fixes and improvements on the Kalix Spring SDK.

Feature Kalix Java SDK 1.1.1 Fixes and improvements. TestKit updated to proxy 1.0.28.

Feature Kalix Java SDK 1.1.0 First release that officially includes the new Spring SDK (beta) - find the documentation here.

Changed ACLs are now by default disabled for local development starting from Java/Scala SDK version 1.0.11 and JavaScript SDK version 1.0.5. Consult Local development with ACLs section as well the specific SDK pages for details on how to enable it for tests (Java/Scala or JavaScript)

Feature Support Kalix Console login with MFA (Multi-factor Authentication) settings.

Feature Support service soft delete with the commands kalix services delete and kalix services restore.

Feature New service commands for pausing and resuming a service - kalix services pause and kalix services resume.

Feature CLI command kalix docs to open online documentation.

Feature Display organization contract number in kalix organization list.

October 2022

Changed Deprecation of the --shell flag for the kalix completion command.

Feature Service to Service eventing - brokerless at-least-once eventing between Kalix services.

Feature Kalix Java SDK 1.0.9 Support and docs for Service to Service eventing.

Feature Kalix Javascript/Typescript SDK 1.0.4 Support for Service to Service eventing.

September 2022

Feature Kalix Java SDK 1.0.8 New Spring SDK preview available.

Feature Kalix Java SDK 1.0.6 Parallel request handling bug fix

August 2022

Feature Kalix JavaScript SDK 1.0.3 Fix for codegen binary on Windows.

Feature Service tokens - users can now create tokens for third party services, such as CI/CD, that are associated with a single project, rather than a logged in user, so that those tools can interact with projects having only the permissions they need. See Integrate with CI/CD tools for more details.

Feature Kalix JavaScript SDK 1.0.2 Fix for codegen binary on Linux.

Feature Kalix JavaScript SDK 1.0.1 Fix for protobufjs transitive dependency and missing pbjs and pbts binaries.

Feature Users can now have different roles in their Organizations and Projects. See Managing organization users and Managing project users for more details.

Feature Kalix Java SDK 1.0.5 Internal networking improvements.

Feature Organization administrators can now manage user roles within their organization. See Add a role binding for more details.

July 2022

Feature Invitations to organizations can now be cancelled via the Kalix CLI. See Organizations for more details.

Feature Kalix JavaScript SDK 1.0.0 Full TypeScript support. New Quickstart documentation.

Feature More efficient way of ignoring events in Actions and Views, see documentation.

June 2022

Feature Kalix JavaScript SDK 1.0.0-M10 TypeScript API and tooling improvements. ACL support added. Preliminary support for building projects on Apple M1.

Feature Kalix Java SDK 1.0.3 ACL support.

May 2022

Feature Pass through JSON, text and bytes from HTTP endpoints

Feature ACL support: Access Control Lists for authorizing access to Kalix services

Feature Timers providing scheduled service calls

April 2022

Feature Projects can now belong to an organization. Users can be invited to become part of an organization via the Kalix CLI. See Organizations for more details.

Feature Changed The query language in Views has been extended significantly.

Feature The all new web interface has been launched at

March 2022

Feature Kalix JavaScript SDK 0.33.5 Fix proto to JS code generation.

Feature Kalix JavaScript SDK 0.33.4 Support emitting JSON to topics.

January 2022

Feature Changed Kalix Java SDK 0.10.5 Support for paging in views.

Feature JWT support: validate messages against the JWT bearer token; specify multiple trusted issuers; allow local testing with JWT

Feature Entity keys can now be generated by Kalix actions.

December 2021

Feature You can now secure your services with client certificates and/or JWTs. See Securing services for more details. You will need version 0.1.9 of the Kalix CLI to use this.

Feature You can now querying repeated nested message fields in views.

Feature You can now receive byte string and text messages from topics.

Feature The root package is now configurable, which is important when your .proto definitions don’t share a common parent package when using the Java/Scala SDK.

Feature Component names can now be explicitly specified when using the Java/Scala SDK.

November 2021

Changed Kalix Java SDK 0.10.1 smaller fixes and improvements including a code generation solving Scala and Java quickstart sample issues.

Feature You can now use Kafka to connect your Kalix services together and to connect to external services as well.

Changed We’ve updated the messages that are logged in your projects so it is easier to see which messages you should act on and what they mean.

Feature Kalix Java SDK 0.10.0 is now available with a new type safe generated API for interaction between components in the same service.

Feature We’ve introduced our new secrets management API. To safely and securely store secrets you’ll need version 0.1.6 of the Kalix CLI.

October 2021

Changed We’ve implemented a new feature that automatically scales your service down to zero when it fails to start 3 times in a row. This helps preserve your trial credits.

Changed The minimum required Java version is now Java 11.

Feature A new version of the Kalix CLI (v 0.1.1) is now available! You’ll need this latest version to make use of the new platform capabilities

Feature Kalix Java/Scala SDK 0.9.0 is now available and contains all entity types!

Feature As a new state model, we’ve introduced our Replicated Entities. Replicated Entities distribute state using a conflict-free replicated data type (CRDT). Data is shared across multiple instances of a Replicated Entity and is eventually consistent to provide high availability with low latency.

Feature We’ve added a lot of new quickstarts to help you get started with Kalix even faster.

Feature We’ve added documentation on how you can call Kalix services from other Kalix services in your project.

September 2021

Feature A new version of the Kalix CLI (v 0.0.39) is now available! We strongly recommend upgrading to the latest version to make use of the new quickstarts command.

Feature Kalix Java SDK 0.7.0 is now available! This is massive rewrite of the SDK to align our different APIs, remove reflection magic, have a better typed system, and introduce a new generated TestKit.

Deprecated We’ve deprecated the entity generate command in the Kalix CLI in favor of the new code generation capabilities of the SDKs.

Feature There is a new section in the documentation, Quickstarts, to help you get started with Kalix.

Feature We’ve introduced a new (and easy) way to give feedback on the documentation. Click on the little blue icon (with the thumbs) to give us feedback.

Changed The Kalix CLI will now periodically update the cached data.

August 2021

Feature Kalix Java SDK 0.7.0-beta.19 is now available!

Changed We’ve added docs to show how to leverage GitHub Actions and CircleCI to deploy services to Kalix

Feature To make it easier to test your services, the Service Explorer now generate gRPCurl, cURL, and Fetch commands you can copy/paste

Feature To make it easier to get started you’re now guided through an onboarding wizard to create a project, download the CLI, and find the tutorials

Changed We’ve updated the SDK support page to make it easier to see which SDKs are in which tier

Feature The Kalix CLI now has a new required flag region when you create a new project using the CLI.

July 2021

Feature Kalix Java SDK 0.7.0-beta.18 is now available!

Feature You can now add container registry credentials from within the console, on the "Integrations" tab.

Changed We’ve made changes to the support form, so it’ll be easier for us to help you troubleshoot an issue.

Changed When you’re inviting a new user, we now also show the invite URL in the console so you can send the URL to the new project member.

Feature Kalix Java SDK 0.7.0-beta.15 is now available!

June 2021

Feature If you don’t like your project anymore, you can now delete it and start a brand new one.

Feature The kalix CLI now natively runs on Apple Silicon chips.

Feature The Kalix JavaScript SDK now ships TypeScript definitions to make development even easier.

Feature The Kalix JavaScript SDK now supports asynchronous user functions.

Feature Added new account menu to the header bar in the Kalix Console.

Changed The help menu items from the left navigation bar have move to a help menu in the header bar.

May 2021

Changed Updated the user interface to be consistent across various screens.

Changed Updated log format for the CLI to match the Web UI.

Feature Added integration to Google Cloud Pub/Sub.

Feature With the ability to connect to Google Cloud Pub/Sub we’ve also added new samples for our Java and JavaScript SDKs.

April 2021

Changed As we get ready for our open beta, you no longer need to get projects approved.

Changed To protect our users' applications and our platform, we’ve limited the ports that are open by default. If you need additional ports opened, send us a note.

March 2021

Feature Added a new “integrations” section from where you can connect to Google Cloud’s operation suite (formerly Stackdriver).

Feature Created new versions of the code generation for Node.js and Java.

Changed There’s a new indicator that shows the Project ID field, which is useful when contacting the support team.

Changed Updated the log section to show more details, show an icon of the log level, and make filtering of the logs possible from the UI.

Feature With the introduction of Views, you can now query your entities using SQL.

Feature Adding a new State Model to the mix, you can now use Value Entities using the Java and JavaScript SDKs.