package scalasdk

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Package Members

  1. package action
  2. package eventsourcedentity
  3. package impl
  4. package replicatedentity
  5. package timer
  6. package valueentity
  7. package view
  8. package workflow

Type Members

  1. trait CloudEvent extends AnyRef

    CloudEvent representation of Metadata.

  2. trait Context extends AnyRef
  3. trait DeferredCall[I, O] extends AnyRef

    Represents a call to a component service that has not yet happened, but will be handed to Kalix for execution.

    Represents a call to a component service that has not yet happened, but will be handed to Kalix for execution. Used with forwards and side effects.


    the message type of the parameter for the call


    the message type that the call returns Not for user extension.

  4. trait EntityContext extends Context

    Root context for all contexts that pertain to entities, that is, things that are addressable via an entity id.

  5. trait EntityOptions extends ComponentOptions

    Options used for configuring an entity.

  6. trait JwtClaims extends AnyRef

    Representation of JWT claims that have been validated and extracted from the bearer token of a request.

  7. class Kalix extends AnyRef

    The Kalix class is the main interface to configuring entities to deploy, and subsequently starting a local server which will expose these entities to the Kalix Runtime Sidecar.

  8. class KalixRunner extends AnyRef
  9. trait Metadata extends Iterable[MetadataEntry]

    Transport specific metadata.

    Transport specific metadata.

    The exact semantics of how metadata is handled depends on the underlying transport. This API exposes case insensitive lookups on metadata, but maintains the original case of the keys as received or inserted. If case matters, the iterator should be used to access elements.

    Multiple values are also supported per key, if the underlying transport does not support multiple values per key, which value will be used is undefined.

    Metadata can either have a string or a binary value. If the underlying transport doesn't support one or the other, how those values are handled is undefined - eg, text values may be UTF-8 encoded in binary, or binary values may be Base64 encoded, it depends on the transport.

    This API maintains the order of entries, but the underlying transport may not.

    Implementations of this class should be immutable, all update operations should return a copy of the metadata.

  10. trait MetadataContext extends Context

    Context that provides access to metadata.

  11. trait MetadataEntry extends AnyRef

    A metadata entry.

  12. trait PassivationStrategy extends AnyRef

    A passivation strategy.

  13. sealed trait Principal extends AnyRef

    A principal associated with a request.

  14. trait Principals extends AnyRef
  15. trait SideEffect extends AnyRef
  16. sealed trait StatusCode extends AnyRef

    A sealed trait representing HTTP status codes.

Value Members

  1. object CloudEvent
  2. object JsonSupport
  3. object Kalix
  4. object Metadata
  5. object PassivationStrategy extends PassivationStrategy

    A passivation strategy.

  6. object Principal
  7. case object ScalaSdkBuildInfo extends Product with Serializable

    This object was generated by sbt-buildinfo.

  8. object SideEffect
  9. object StatusCode

    Companion object for the StatusCode trait, containing various HTTP status code definitions.