Welcome to Kalix

Kalix is a platform as a service (PaaS). It enables developers to build and deploy cloud-native microservices and APIs. Organizations achieve high velocity while operating applications at the lowest possible cost.

The Kalix Developer Experience

Prepare to dive into a frictionless and efficient developer experience. Head over to the Kalix Developer Experience page to get started.

Why Kalix?

Out-of-the-Box Cloud Native Stack

You focus on business logic while Kalix manages all infrastructure layers:

  • Integrations

  • Security & compliance

  • Database

  • Kubernetes

  • Cloud infrastructure

Increased Developer Velocity

Reduce developer friction from the first line of code to running in production:

  • No wiring or integration work with Kubernetes, databases, service meshes, caches, etc.

  • Best practices applied out-of-the-box: reactive architecture, event sourcing, high availability, resilience.

  • Use programming languages and tools that you are already most familiar with.

No Operations Required

Kalix reduces the need for site reliability engineer (SRE) and databases administrator staffing. Instead, Kalix itself handles:

  • Kubernetes configuration

  • Container management

  • Database administration

  • Backup and disaster recovery

  • Observability

  • Autoscaling

  • Secrets management

  • Load balancing

  • 24/7 support

Ready to Scale

Kalix is ready to scale with no code changes required.

  • High performance: Built on industry-leading technology. Proven to handle load spikes while maintaining low latency and high throughput.

  • High resilience: Infrastructure underneath the application layer handles and recovers from failures.

  • Distributed data: Kalix delivers data to your applications where needed, when needed. No configuration or code changes required.

  • Cloud optimized: Efficient use of cloud resources. Smaller cloud footprints compared to traditionally-designed microservices-based systems.

Last published 2024-07-08 12:32:14 UTC.